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"As Malibu's top real estate agent, most of my transactions involve attorneys on both sides of each deal.  More often than not, I have multiple properties in escrow in which the Blocks represent one of the parties involved.  The Blocks handle the intricacies of Malibu real estate with ease - which is no small feat.  I highly recommend their firm to anyone buying or selling a property in Malibu, or to any property owner that may have an issue arise that would require the sharpness of a seasoned real estate expert."

Chris Cortazzo

"When I have a legal question about real estate in Malibu, Alan and Justin are the guys to contact.  They are intimately familiar with all the land use issues that come up in my practice."

Warren Grant, Principal of Grant, Tani, Barash & Altman LLC

"Block & Block did a great job in bringing all parties to the table in resolving the issue.  Their ability and knowledge of the Malibu City Council and CCC was a tremendous asset."

Larry Rosenthal

"Mr. [Alan] Block is one of the best attorneys that comes before the Coastal Commission..."

Pat Kruer, Past Chairperson of the California Coastal Commission

"Years ago I had a problem with securing permits from the California Coastal Commission for Gladestones Restaurant.  I subsequently met Alan who had my back.  Then and there began my journey with Alan.  I believe I was his first paying client.  It has been a great experience and a life time later he still had my back when he assisted me in obtaining permits for my new restaurant Paradise Cove Beach Cafe."

Bob Morris, Former owner of  Gladestones Restaurant and current owner of the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe.  

"More experience and success in dealing with land use matters in Malibu than any other attorneys I know.  Knowledge, competence and responsiveness.  I would not hesitate to recommend Block & Block to anyone."

Andy Stern, Two term Mayor, City Councilmember, and Planning Commissioner for the City of Malibu.

"Twelve years, four properties, four lawsuits, and still undefeated."

 J.P. Centofante

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